April 02, 2008

From John Black:

Re: What is consciousness? Study aims to settle debate (May 20): First of all, thank you for an excellent web site. I am a regular visitor.

About 6 months ago I died. There was just nothing just a gap. There was no white light in a tunnel. Of course people who finally die cannot send you an email.

Yet 2 people one, a young girl of 16, and the other, an old man like me of 62, did report this white light in a tunnel when they died. Both had operations. The girl on her brain. The man on his heart. The girl told me that she saw her mother trying to persuade her not to go down the tunnel. She did not. Both are now alive as I am. The man saw no-one. There was no Jesus Christ, Angel Gabriel, Mohamed or any of these people.

I was hit by a motor cycle and regained consciousness after artificial heart massage by a policeman on the road in Cambodia. I had no heartbeat for 30 minutes. I know nothing about this; only what other people have since told me.

What is interesting is that what comes back is not quite the same as what was before. Perception is different and has to be learned again.

I am still the same person but the consciousness feels different. I still have the same good and bad points.


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