April 02, 2008

From John D'hondt:

Re: Hunting was just final straw for mammoth, study finds (March 31): Until 4-5 years ago I would have been inclined to believe this article. But at about that time I stumbled over a site on the internet by the title: ”The End of Eden” - “Pleistocene extinctions” in which Elin Whitney-Smith Ph.D. explained how a complete ecosystem collapse can be brought about by hunting just a few percentage points of the apex predators.

The woolly mammoth did not become extinct because humans hunted it to dead but because humans hunted slow reproducing cave lion and sabertooth tigers. To me the article was a revelation and obviously the truth. Beautiful computer models included.

Not only the woolly mammoth went extinct at the same time but a great number of species did and many of these were never hunted by mankind. The only reason that makes sense is second degree overkill.


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