April 02, 2008

From Kathy Silk:

Re: The evolution of drug abuse (March 21): I read with intrest the artical about evolution and the need for chemical injestion. Fasinating! I just wanted to add that in Kenya some of the more primitive tribes still do just that with no western interference... they found a plant that was used traditionaly ofr medical purposes by their shamen and is now regularly used by the elders of the tribe purly for the gratifying feelings it gives.

Also in africa the tree whoes fermented fruit make the animals that eat it drunk... they fall arround often getting seriously hurt in the process but they battle for the fruit none the less and have doneso for generations. The local tribesmen also injest the fermenting fruit for the same reason.

The neem tree was used traditionaly in Kenya for many medicinal purposes and now is making a wow in the weswtern world.

In Qld I have often observed a weaklooking and possibly ill Wallaby looking for and injesting the berries of the Lantana which are toxic and I think they do so for medicinal reasons. A natural drug. I do wild life care here and often will try many different types of foliage when dealing with the sick animals as I beleive they know which are medically good for them and you would be amazed and the things they will choose to eat including aloevera.


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