May 14, 2008

From Dr. S. M. Sapatnekar:

Re: Dip in brainpower may follow drop in real power (May 10): This is no doubt a landmark paper. Yet, it has vast potential for misuse, at the least in recruitment/promotion policies and at worst in its projection in social sphere. There could be an argument that there is no point in empowering those who have lessor cognitive abilities; they are lessor mortals. On the other hand, there could be emotional outrage of those with lessor cognitive function to blame on lessor empoerment as the reason for their under performance! This is sure to reignite Nature vs Nurture debate. Further studies are warranted to examine if:

1. Cognitive function improves with empowerment? If so, is there a quantitative relationshp?

2. Is the betterment in cognitive function exclusive of ‘Hawthrone effect’? Or over and above it?

3. What is the effect of cross-over between the pair of superior and sub-ordinate? What is the effect if the pairing is with another person with role reversal.

4. What is the effect of blinding the superior and subordinate, say by electronic communications whereby face-to-face contact is aviided to eliminate ‘Personality’ bias?

Otherwise, this would be an incomplete study open for misuse.

Dr. S. M. Sapatnekar
Clinical Research & Management Academy
Mumbai – India


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