May 27, 2008

From Joe Lee:

Re: One universe or many? Panel debates (March 30, 2006):I have an untrained and likely unsupportable thought about the Universe.

Maybe the big bang has happened an infinite amount of times in succession. First expanding then collapsing and then exploding and starting the whole process over again.

It makes me wonder if a non-mass sentience could spring up during the trillion or so years that a universe might last. All of our thoughts, imaginations, memories. If even a small bit of information were left after the universe collapsed, those bits likely would congeal into a fairly smart massless intelligence with the propagation of each new universe.

I suppose that this intelligence, having no mass would no be constrained by any laws of physics. Pan-universal, Pan-dimensional (PUPD) if you will.

The speed of light would be just a measurement that a particular universe happened to run on. The (PUPD) could likely base their speed on what they wanted to see or even participate in, in a particular universe. I can imagine much trial and error in the first trillion or so universe.

I have likely been greatly influence in these thoughts by the author C. S Lewis, in his book, Out of the silent planet. Explaining the nature of things to the man, the Being categorized things by the speed with which they move. Moving at the speed of light or greater would make it seem that our world would move little. Moving at a negative speed would make our world and it’s time pass quickly.

It makes some sense in context of human kind constantly trying to understand Massless existence through out our history. I imagine that, having read the end of the book infinite times they (PUPD) would likely know how to communicate with our primitive brains. If so, one could imagine all sorts of outcomes, religion not the least of these.

My untrained mind is a jumble with all of the possibilities. It is a fun thought exercise none the less.


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