May 31, 2008

From Milton Runcie:

Re: Crystal skulls are fake: study (May 23): the suggestion you make to the uninitiated is just that - the crystal skulls are fake... ! However, as I understand it, there are at least a dozen crystal skulls extant, many of which do purport to come from genuine Aztec sources. Would it not be a good thing (to maintain public interest) to allude to the probable authenticity of (at least some) of the remainder? (and which would then also give Indiana Jones a fair chance... !) I am generally very interested in your articles - and indeed this one... Keep up the good work!

(Editors’ note: We understand that experts have doubts regarding all these objects, although the two discussed in our article may be the only ones yet subjected to intense scientific scrutiny. Questions about the others are based on other evidence, including that “not a single crystal skull in a museum collection comes from a documented excavation, and they have little stylistic or technical relationship with any genuine pre-Columbian depictions of skulls.” (See Legend of the Crystal Skulls, Archaeology Magazine, May/June 2008)


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