May 14, 2008

From Robley E. George:

Re: Dip in brainpower may follow drop in real power (May 10): The important research reported about in “Dip in brainpower may follow drop in real power,” and conducted by Pamela Smith, has profound implications far beyond the legitimate but limited applications mentioned in the article.

For example, and in particular, the beneficial ramifications of universal empowerment -- psychologically, politically and socioeconomically -- demonstrated conclusively by the research, speak directly to, and have much to offer during, the necessary redesign of the present world’s increasingly obvious dysfunctional, not to more than mention decidedly undemocratic and definitely deadly, politicosocioeconomic systems.

In brief, Smith’s work further supports the increasingly recognized need for advanced and fundamentally democratic socioeconomic platforms and the use of the increasingly popular “Socioeconomic Affirmative Action” public policy perspective.

Robley E. George
Center for the Study of Democratic Societies


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