June 28, 2008

From Brian Hill:

Re: Study: gays’ brain symmetry resembles other sex (June 16): I would venture to suggest that the paedophile brain and perhaps most incestuous fathers would show similar properties to the male homosexual/female heterosexual brain. Equally I would suggest that child molesters (men) and male rapists would exhibit the normal male heterosexual brain... though some of each group will almost certainly display psychopathic tendencies as well.

As a stress management consultant in Harley Street in the 90’s I was asked to treat anxious clients who were on post sentence S O therapy programmes. I found the men fell into those 4 distinct groups, though paedophiles and many incestuous fathers were generally similar right brain dominant types (feminine though not effeminate) while child molesters and rapists were generally left brain dominant types in this case heavily masculine, especially the rapists.

If the research didn’t go that far perhaps you could suggest to them that they test my hypothesis on even a few individuals.


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