June 13, 2008

From James Morris:

Re: Brain abnormalities seen in heavy pot smokers (June 2): How do these ‘pot smoking’ abnormality studies relate to cultures where hash or cannabis consummation is the accepted norm? Did the researchers find entire Mid-Eastern cultures generally dysfunctional, currently and for past centuries or even millennia? And to think they invented the sundial, algebra, trend setting medicine, etc. etc.

Until the personal ingestion of chemicals is set apart from the judgementalism of religion, politics and uptight researchers, such “scientific studies” must be viewed with a especially skeptical eye.

Was it considered that subjects with these brain abnormalities might seek out ‘pot smoking’? Was the strength of the individual “dubie” factored in? In thirty-five years of observing smokers, I don’t know any who could smoke that much cannabis in a 24 hour period... unless they bought it in 1966. This is just one of the study’s red flags.

We’d be better to emulate cultures beginning before ancient Greece where recreation drugs were as important as religion, and requisite for a fulfilling, spiritual and enjoyable life. Let’s spend some research time appreciating the positive, beginning with D. C. A. Hillman’s recently published book: “The Chemical Muse: Drug Use and the Roots of Western Civilization.”


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