June 28, 2008

From Jennifer Smith:

Re: Faked research data surprisingly common, survey suggests (June 19): Hope the names of all the reviewers who approved each project over one million dollars funded by NIH can be known by the other researchers and accessed through Internet. Most of NIH grant application reviewers can’t do any experiments and don’t know if the projects are practical and the applicants’ data are true or fraud. If other researchers know some approved projects are not practical, they will tell those reviewers that these approved projects are absurd and impossible to achieve any expected objectives. Then those reviewers will probably not renew the projects.

For the funded-projects over one million dollars such as NIH RO-1 grants, NIH may set up an email address to receive the emails from other researchers for assessment and comments on the NIH funded projects progress and investigators’ data.

Hope the suggetions above can be helpful for avoiding some fraudsters’ getting NIH grants.


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