June 28, 2008

From Kathryn Stillwell Burton:

Re: Faked research data surprisingly common, survey suggests (June 19): I research research and can tell you the lies and misleading data will never go away until the grant systems make more demands for honest results, both on the university level (academics as well as students) and in business/industry. It’s too easy to produce redundant material, make incredible claims, doctor the material and results, and cry “WOLF” or “Eureka”(your choice) on any level. Noone has the time or inclination to be a watchdog, nor do they want to be the one to point the finger at their “peers.” I just read a paper written on this subject by C. Ian Jackson, a Canadian who takes no prisoners. He outlines an ethical approach that includes good behavior, not just justifying findings as correct, but how one assembles material and creates the end result, always giving create where it is due, along the way.

He is, as they say in crossword puzzles, “a oner,” but I hope I am wrong.


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