June 03, 2008

From Michael R Oberndorf:

Re: Dip in brainpower may follow drop in real power (May 10): The alleged dip in brainpower is just another example of politically driven agendas using “science” to fool people. This is a thinly veiled attempt to make capitalism and individual achievement seem really bad, and socialism as the only hope for mankind. This is the kind of garbage that has truly tarnished science over the past 40 years, and you do all scientists a disservice by publishing this junk.

Michael R Oberndorf, M.A., RPA
Idyllwild, CA


Blogger Catherine Scott said...

Gosh, it's a real downer when reality doesn't conform to our value system. Poor Mr Oberndorf. Science is only revealing the bases of human nature to upset him. Oh and to advocate for socialism. Say what?

June 03, 2008 10:14 PM  

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