June 28, 2008

From Neil Arvanitis:

Re: Other universes may be detectable, published study claims (Oct. 11): Although your article on the web page, World Science, is an interesting read and raises some interesting points, in my opinion it fails to acknowledge one main fundamental point relating to whether other universes are able to be detected...; That is, what can be potentially detected within the realms of our own universe (think of concept: our entire universe = everything within its own sphere) by using our mathematical formulae/deductions, instrumental analyses and measurements, cosmological theorems etc. , will more than likely, and within a logical frame of thought, not be transferable assets when even attempting to gather evidence of other universes.

The main reason being that the other, so called universes, or bubbles as you refer to them, will more than likely be composed of other forms of consistency quite strikingly different to our universe and the concept of matter may not even fall into the category of matter as we comprehend it existing in our own universe! In addition to this and to add further fuel to the fire, other universes would also, most probably, be governed by entirely different ‘laws’ of physics and quite possibly be irregular having a chaotic order that wouldn’t give rise to a particular identifiable pattern capable of detection and understanding by our instruments and therefore, our scientific minds...

Food for thought; Just because we cannot detect or decipher the existence of multiple universes out there, does not mean that such multiverses do not actually ‘exist’ within their own unique spheres of existence (this could mean though that they their existence would most probably not fall under the category of what we term and acknowledge as existence-as our scientific minds are fundamentally flawed right from the start; we cannot compare like-for-like as whatever exists in our universe is self contained and applicable to its own interactions…


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