August 20, 2008

From Alberto Portugheis:

Re: Washington’s doctors absolved (Aug. 19): I have always absolved the President’s doctors, because they were too innocent or naive to realize what had “really” happened to their patient. I think that Washington’s biographer, Paul Ford, consciously or not, said the truth, when he declared the case “noth­ing short of mur­der.” To me, George Washington was assassinated. The method? poisoning. Either something that went into his food or drinks on his last day out or some slow poisoning over a period of time. I’m more inclined towards the first possibility.

Washington’s progressive views and plans made him many enemies, mostly connected with the Church. Knights of This, Knights of That, Freemasons and above all, the Vatican. The Vatican murdered even their own Popes with the “poison cup”.

I hope history will one day be told as it really happened and not as the Establishment wants us to believe it happened.


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