August 21, 2008

From Dennis McAllister:

Re: “Extreme” rain follows global warming (Aug. 7): There are several problems with this stupid hypothesis.

Satellite and surface measurements show that the earth has been cooling for the last 10 years (while CO2 has increased. ) Since clouds have 3000 times the effect on trapping re-radiation of heat as does CO2, the proper conclusion would be that the rain causes localized warming and not vice versa. Just as global warming has been shown to precede an increase in CO2 by several hundred years for the last several million years. When the ocean heats up because of an increase in clouds correlating to an increase in sun spots, and cosmic rays from other parts of the universe (i.e.. position of planets, stars, and position of the earth with regard to the plane of the Milky Way galaxy) then the ocean releases CO2.

As a Russian climatologist warned, “Prepare for 40 years of global cooling!” And in spite of record cold spells in many parts of the northern hemisphere last year, the Farmer’s Almanac predicts an even colder winter this year.

You need to delete this article or print a retraction. You have been duped by the far left dinosaur medium!

Dennis McAllister
San Diego, CA


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