September 12, 2008

From CHRISTIN ECiss y@a

Re: “Historic” collider operation begins (Sept. 10): I find it most peculiar that all that I have been hearing of the Large Hadron Collider’s historic operational debut is one sided and obtuse. Basically it has been some mindless repetition of what some scientist associated with the CERN has to say about assuring us that nothing cataclysmic will occur now or later. Imagine my horror at seeing Stephen Hawking positioned like some bureaucratic puppet on BBC America yesterday, commenting on how “collisions” have been occurring in our atmosphere regularly and nothing has ever happened to be concerned about. What kind of collisions is he speaking of? You cannot compare apples to oranges. I do not recall any baby big bangs taking place in close proximity to our planet or underground, in my lifetime, or in recent recorded history. Not to mention that Hawking’s theory of black holes was later refuted by no less than Stephen Hawking himself, does not say much for airing him as the one and only voice of consolation on the BBC America newscast. There are at least two sides to every story. Isn’t it about time we hear from the scientists who are against the Large Hadron Collider experiment and their reasoning, as well as the status of all of the lawsuits to prevent its operation?!


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