October 02, 2008

From Anne Hillebrand:

Re: Researchers explore amnesia, sex link (Sept. 29): I believe that their research will eventually find that the connection between sexual activity and temporary cognitive problems is caused by the same thing that causes the symptoms of Fibromyalgia: Systemic Serous Hypoperfusion.

Serous Fluid (all the clear fluid in the body) is the end product of blood. It is what feeds, rinses and lubricates all the cells.

“Brainfog” and other symptoms of FMS are caused by this critical fluid being a little too thick. It cannot reach all the intricate pathways, and it cannot flow sufficiently.

During sexual activity, body fluid moves to different parts of the body. Reproductive organs become enlarged, and the mouth becomes dry.

This temporary redistribution of fluid may be leaving the brain a little undersupplied.

In 2000 I discovered Systemic Serous Hypoperfusion. It will be interesting to see what answers these researchers eventually discover.

Anne Hillebrand
Orlando, FL


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