October 15, 2008

From Catherine Greenup:

Re: Religion can spur goodness-but it depends (Oct. 2): I think in a world that can be so cruel; its vital that we have something that reminds us its part of our ability to survive as human individuals to be actively good towards others. How can you get help when you need it most if you won’t help others, they wouldn’t gain anything by your company so why should they help you? Men were not meant to live alone and I believe do badly mentally and physically if they do live alone. Civilisations or ideas that create cruelty never seem to last long anyway because we natually know goodness shared, creates a safer life for family and a more positive secure future for all. Its more profitable for the whole to share.

Why do this study? Its seems quite natural to me. At the most basic level, we learn to live together with compassion and tollerance towards others because if we don’t we suffer some form of pain and loneliness. Our reward for being good to others is a feeling to belonging and being cared for in a safer environment in return. Positive results and comfort instead of pain and missfortune. Co operation keeps the wolf from the door.

May be our whole human civilization has survived this long because of our most basic need to be safe and loved. Together we stand, divided we fall might ultimately be a very powerful saying.

I am religious I have to admit being a Christian Spiritualist. But you don’t have to believe in any kind of God, all you need to believe in is your family and friends and in their safety and yours.


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