October 15, 2008

From fhva ndrie m (at) dds. nl:

Re: Why some kids suffer chronic bullying (Oct. 8): I am very surprised by this article. It hardly rings true with my personal experience. I was bullied for the entire time that I was in grade- and highschool. I come from a well-to-do family and had an even-handed upbringing. My family has always told stories of how easy and cooperative I was as a child. The reason I was bullied was becasuse I was a sissy. I didn’t like or know how to play sports. As a result I was mercilessly bullied for over 12 years. The victims of the bullying I personally witnessed were others boys who showed effeminate traits or boys and girls who were less attractive or less assertive than the average. It was in fact the most aggressive ones from poorer backgrounds with stricter parenting that were the instigators! In short, my experience supports a view that the easier targets are the most likely victims. The ones who stand out by being somehow different or show less desireable characteristics.


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