November 27, 2008

From Nainan:

Re: Signs of dark matter found? (Nov. 19): I wish to bring an alternative concept “Hypothesis on matter” to your attention, which logically describes the structure and properties of the all-encompassing medium.

I am glad to inform you that the second edition of the book “Hypothesis on matter” is now published. New edition includes more details and additional topics to make the concept simpler to understand. Few ambiguous explanations in the first edition are rewritten to make them simpler.

“Hypothesis on matter” is a revolutionary new concept, which attempts to explain all physical phenomena based on just one type of fundamental particle - the Quantum of matter. These particles form, what the author calls, ‘2D Energy Fields’. Space is assumed to contain an infinite number of 2D Energy Fields extending in all directions. Nainan masterfully explains a wide array of physical phenomena, from the origin of matter to gravity and subatomic interactions to cosmological events, based on the simple mechanical interactions of quanta of matter. There is no more any need to envisage actions at a distance or to invoke irrational assumptions like diversity of forces, mass-energy equivalence, constancy of light’s speed, dual nature of electric charge, singularities, big bang, etc. This new concept will radically alter our understanding of the physical universe and at the same time, explain complex physical phenomena with simple Cause and Effect relationships.


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