November 27, 2008

From Norman Wells:

Re: Signs of dark matter found? (Nov. 19): Asuming that Dark Matter is distributed through the universe, is it possible that the measured finite velocity of light is due to Dark Matter imposing a ‘Drag’ on the passage of photons through it ? If this were the case then it would follow that dark matter must be evenly distributed, otherwise the speed of light would not be a constant Towards the boundaries of the universe the distribution of dark matter may, perhaps, thin out, which would then lead to an increase in the speed of light.

I have read a report which indicated that the motion of objects at the perceived limits of the universe appear to exhibit variations not in accordance with accepted theory, which assumes a constant and finite light speed, The report suggested that this must be due to some additional unperceived influence.

Could this not be due to variations in the speed of light, in the region concerned?


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