November 12, 2008

From Raymond V Lewis:

Re: Giant simulation could help solve “dark matter” mystery (Nov. 5): I have had an idea re part of the so called missing mass for many years but am yet to get a comment in reply from anywhere.

Its not a strange idea! I did some equations about the kinetic energy, (1/2 MV squared), of particles when they spin, and if we consider such energy for our planet alone from fundamental particles all the way up to atoms, elements spinning with the earth, the earth around the sun, the solar system around the galaxy’s edge, and the galactic velocities, plus the the universes movement itself, then we have an awful lot of energy in kinetic form.

Such energy if converted to mass must account for some of the so called missing mass, no matter how minor, and all I seek is that someone somewhere says to me, yes it’s taken into account, or no pal, you are on the wrong track here, or, good idea?

PS I cant see that the idea is that stupid, and really wonder why, after the occasional email to various universities and science magazines over the years, no-one has ever even responded to set me straight?

(Editor's note: Physicists are hereby invited to respond to this inquiry from the long-waiting Mr. Lewis.)


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