December 16, 2008

From John Jones:

Re: Brain drugs for healthy people OK: scientists (Dec. 7): The sort of individuals who would be convinced into getting their brains ‘boosted’ on the basis of any simplistic ‘safe-drug’ promo of the clinic and its industry would also seem to display a gullibility that no drug could put right. That gullibility is aside from the individual’s complicity in the erosion of individual judgement and social autonomy that would follow in allowing industry to choose for the individual what the individual could not legally choose for himself.

But the question is, is not whether our brain is boosted or not, but why we would think to find happiness in finding it ‘boosted’; and why, we must presume, we would want to seek ultimate achievement through a total brain frenzy. Which means that there must be a lot of people in that conference who aren’t happy or fulfilled, in one way or another, with who they are and the people they work for.

John Jones
Cardiff, UK


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