December 20, 2008

From Les Fisher:

Re: God and science not an easy mix for many (Dec. 15): “To be com­pat­ible, sci­ence and re­li­gion need to stick to their own ter­ri­to­ries, their own ex­planatory space,” Pres­ton sug­gested. But >“re­li­gion and sci­ence have nev­er been able to do that, so to me this sug­gests that the de­bate is go­ing to go on. It’s nev­er go­ing to be set­tled.” This is a chicken/egg situation but change will be evolutionary rather than revolutionary (I hope).

As science is based upon the personal experience of the observer and that observer must use his own education (formal or not) and experience to interpret it. All good scientists must virtually base their concepts on first principles. In the case of the formal religions the observer does not observe he is brainwashed by others to accept the concepts which he likes the best. In this way religion in general has been hijacked by well meaning erudite individuals (some in good faith - others for power & wealth). In this way the formal religions are “Faiths” and are essentially superstition and folk law.

The result can be, as in the Christian reformation, attempts by the hierarchy to achieve domination of all.

The break down of the church of Rome by the formation of other “faiths” was the result and no one Christian group dominates.

Is the Moslem movement going through such a phase.

I am ex Indian Army and have worked in Malaysia and have been friends with many Muslims.

I noted in Malaysia an attempt by some mullahs to take over the government which probably does not succeed as Muslims do not have a majority. Similar ideas I believe prevail in Nigeria and other parts of Africa. Is the Muslim religion going through a similar change to that made by the Christians a few hundred years ago. Can the more radical groups suppress the moderates? I believe that the gap between science and religion will be closed only when the superstition element is removed.

Perhaps one concept that needs attention and that we must realise that god did not make man in his own image - Man made god in his image.

Might I suggest that open minded people take a look at the Freemason concept. (freemasonry is not a religion - you can belong to any faith) It is in effect algebraic - Let god = “x” The volume of the sacred law does not have to a bible.

Here all religions can come together using fundamental and allegory rather than dogma.

You do not need to become a freemason to do this, just have the open mental attitude.

Scientifically trained persons can contribute by getting the superstition aspects exposed for what they are and make religion more democratic.


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