December 20, 2008

From Matthew Winfield:

Re: God and science not an easy mix for many (Dec. 15): Science is the study of everything that exists. Belief systems exist in the brains of humans.

We are, in fact, moving toward resolution of these intellectual endeavors. It is an obvious battle of belief systems, triadically (Hegel). I have an attempt at a rememdy that is quite interesting, and nearly as true as any belief system today. This debate will be settled, or we will perish trying, inevitably, as a race, on a planet.

I have designed a rememdy. First, I inadvertently used my life to study the basic questions of existence through my first degree in psychology (philosophy minor), until this point where I have completed my application to grad school. Over ten years ago, many things became much clearer as the secular thinker that I was (and still am). I always knew that I would be writing a book someday in an attempt to bring clarity to some aspect of this existence. Little did I know that the book that I ended up writing would be more encompassing than I had ever imagined.

Why have none of the current belief systems caught on? Whatever your answers, I have addressed in the way that I went about designing my book, Matthew 10:10; TravelS of an AwarenesS. And it’s not only the existence of the book that is part of the design. I have a pretty diverse website that is of my own doing (I wasn’t a computer whiz a year ago). I have built the foundations for a movement complete with ongoing soundtrack, meetings and events, and goals toward getting a church, and calling it something else, like a R. O. S. E. House.

I am aware of most of what is going on with the social cognitive evolution of humanity. After digging into the secular community for over a year, I am also aware that what I am doing is unfolding right before our eyes. My work is just a few steps ahead of the game.

Common question at this point: What am I doing, or what have I done? I am helping with the transition from cherishing irrational beliefs, to hating those irrational beliefs, to embracing and utilizing rational beliefs at the foundation of one’s belief system. In this way, I provide a way to control one’s own unique belief system.

Next question. How? Truth. Truth derived from the first law of thermodynamics and all that we have come to discover in the Universe in which we find ourselves. I am here to let people know that they are the Energy that exists in the Universe, aware of itself. You may recognize this from Carl Sagan. I did not know that he would phrase existence this way when I discovered it through philosophic inquiry. There are many coincidences like this, of course. What else could I expect in accurately describing existence. That is why I have legal representation.

My book attempts to take it all away, only to give it all back.

I have begun my work publicly on many levels. There is a trickle of national awareness, and locally, I am really ramping up. The book is only available in PDF and as an audio book with 44 tracks that I produced. (I was not a great sound engineer over a year ago, and still have work to do). I begin with individual understanding.

I liked your article. Until the conclusion that we will never resolve these conflicts of which we speak. If we never resolve them, we will keep moving toward resolution. “Moving halfway in the right direction, is better than going all the way in the wrong direction, and we already know what that is like. Who is to judge what is right? I don’t see anyone else around here. Yes! It’s us. How we judge is the challenge in ethical and moral knowledge, and there exists tons of that literature already.

In this article, I see you approaching the synthesis, only to move away. And you hit it on the head when you return to the basic questions (Chapter 4 The Questions) and point out contradicting theses. For example: Earth’s age is about 4. 6 billion years, and not 6000. There are many details like this that, when taken together, as in my book, create a whole new perception of existence and reality.

Atheism is a step in social cognitive evolution, and an exciting one at that. Many quickly turn in thought to what we actually do believe. Energeticism is a root belief system which describes belief systems as systems of belief in the brains of humans. Each one, individual.

I had better stop or I’ll end up writing another book. Your article was exciting and invigorating.

Matthew Winfield, BA, R.O.S.E.


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