December 20, 2008

From Robert F. Beck:

Re: God and science not an easy mix for many (Dec. 15): Professor Jesse Preston is wrong, at least in concluding that science and theology will always be in conflict, “be­cause they can’t pos­sibly both ex­plain ev­ery­thing. ”.

A revolution in both is coming, even more significant that that at the time of Galileo, but this one will bring science and faith together.

Part of the knowledge that will enable this was actually in one of the first reports that I read in your magazine, as mentioned here in Chapter 17 of my autobiography (see “I had been invited to subscribe to a new, on-line magazine called World Science. One of the first articles was about computer simulation of plasma. Readers may remember that I said in Chapter 12, p. 134: “I had read in New Scientist that it had been discovered that blobs of plasma gas appear to be able to “communicate, replicate and grow”. Of course they can! It is clearly possible by the interchange of encoded helixes.” Guess what the computer simulation showed? Right, exactly what I had suggested almost four years ago. There were helical structures that not only seemed to be communicating information, they were interacting in the way I had suggested to explain forces.

The ubiquitous helix cannot be denied as nature’s most useful tool. My second paper had examined relativity and mass in more depth than my first paper and demonstrated exactly why the spiral is natural, with the help of Laithwaite’s demonstrations with gyroscopes, that also confirm my theory of how planets and moons spiral outwards and why neutrinos move as they do. But rather than just being an explanation for everything we consciously see and experience, it is now apparent that it may also hold the key to a realm that up to now has been thought of as something apart and beyond our ability to comprehend. The spiritual realm may be just the continuation beyond our limited (undeveloped) perception of those physical manifestations that are easily experienced by us. What has been called supernatural is just natural on a smaller scale. It is probably just coincidence, but if you take “spiral” and add “itu” (intelligence that’s ultimate?) you get “spiritual. The spiral can contain the essence of ultimate intelligence.”

The other knowledge, that allowed me to make such a statement, was given earlier in Chapter 17, as follows:

“... He (David Wilcock) mentioned experiments that were stunning in their confirmation of what I had said about light. If you have seen the excellent science fiction film, K-PAX you will know that the human looking alien character, Prot, claimed to have travelled in a beam of light, and said, “You would be surprised just how much energy there is in a beam of light.” Suspecting that this may have been something very insightful on the part of the author, I emailed Gene Brewer (on 2/2/06), saying just how insightful this was, and that my theory suggested that, “much more information can be encoded in light and similar unknown emissions than even twisted light suggests.”

What the experiments demonstrated was that frog DNA could be changed to salamander DNA simply by passing modulated laser light through the latter and on to the former. Those who know just how much information is involved should be even more staggered than I was. And yet I was not surprised, because Wilcock also said that the light itself took on a spiral form (phantom DNA), which I knew from other experiments I had cited in support of my own theory of light was the same as the “twisted light” I had mentioned to Gene Brewer. Twisted light, where the photon itself follows a spiral path, had been shown to depend on orbital angular momentum within the photon, which is a scientific way of confirming that something within the photon moves in a spiral, as I had said.”

I go on to provide anecdotal evidence, including miraculous healing, linking light to the nature of God, and to demonstrate a scientific explanation for “miraculous” healing in further explaining the above experiments as follows:

“And he (Mike Emery) had direct experience of cures that are now being offered in which tissue regeneration is achieved using light and other “waves”. And, of course, this tied in with the Russian work with laser light and DNA, and with what Kozyrev had deduced. Mike provided masses of information on all this, including accounts and photographs of equipment and patients. This included cures for cancer, and I can back that up from other sources. One such source (here) includes:

“Whereas western science uses complicated bio chemical processes to cut and paste DNA triplets in the DNA molecule, Russian scientists use modulated laser light to do exactly the same thing. The Russians have proven to be very successful in repairing damaged DNA material in vivo! Laser light therapies based on Garjajev’s findings are already applied in some European academic hospitals with success on various sorts of skin cancer. The cancer is cured without any remaining scars.”

Dr. Peter Gariaev (or Pjotr Garjajev) was the leader of a group of Russian scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences, formed to study the complete human genome in 1990. The Russian research was taking a more open-minded view than western scientists. The research team included biophysicists, molecular biologists, embryologists and even linguistic experts. Their research revealed that the supposed junk DNA that has been completely neglected and forgotten by western mainstream science, was no redundant leftover of evolution at all. Linguistic studies revealed that the sequencing follows the rules of some basic syntax. It showed that the codons actually form words and sentences just like our ordinary human language follows grammar rules.”

So, although the arogance of both scientists and theologians will cause most to hate the idea (which is where Preston is right), science now actually provides evidence to suggest that everything, even including the very nature of God and “miracles”, can be explained by the incredibly simple mechanism that I have identified, that everything follows a curved path as it spins.

Robert F. Beck


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