December 16, 2008

From Robert H. Galloway:

Re: Did a modern-day scourge save ancient Earth? (Nov. 30): Such information should give practitioners of true science a pause. I look at the information given for the current man-caused global warming theory and wonder. If this is incorrect, how much needless human misery will be produced by the policies proposed? How sure are we that the theories hold up? Many of the proposals for living a “Carbon Neutral” life are the equivalent of moving back to the cave. Nuclear doesn’t contribute to carbon. Why are global warming people so slow to embrace nuclear? I’d live inside a nuclear plant before I’d give up air conditioning in the US midwest. If that would shorten my live, so be it. I doubt that is would but if it did? So what? Short period of relative comfort versus an extended period (not all that much longer in the greater scheme of things) of misery. You pays your money and you makes your choice. I’d by the shorter life and technological comfort. But, I don’t believe that’s the choice. But, if it were, I’d still go for obtaining energy for physical comfort and damn the rest.


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