January 18, 2009

From Christine Colloby:

Re: Competition, not climate, killed Neanderthals: study (Dec. 29): Very interesting! Regarding the argument of whether we are descended from Neanderthal, or however else related, why do the scientists make such sweeping statements when the knowhow is only just coming into being that will help draw conclusions on how we are related? I believe it is imperative we explore the origins of Neanderthal (and Cro-Magnon). Interesting too, the Bible saying Neanderthal were the Nephilim. Neanderthal however do not appear to have been warriors. I think the cannibolism comes from the desperate times they lived in when nothing was wasted! As modern humans have been known to have utilised cannibolism in order to survive. Am I correct in saying NO site of mass burial has ever been found to show that Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon fought battles?


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