January 18, 2009

From Cynthia (a_s old ier_f or_ christ @ya hoo.c om):

Re: After jeers, recognition for “reverse evolution” theorist (March 3): I saw this program replayed on PBS Saturday night. I must say that I was upset at what I saw. I’m sure that this is not surprising, especially since it comes from yet one more Christian. But we must ask why anyone would believe such a lie as Evolution, especially Scientists, Professors and students! Unless of course, they believe that they are part of the so-called “fittest of survivors” (or otherwise known as “Survival of the Fittest” that Darwin taught)?!

The part that compared the bones of an Ape to the bones of a human, made it crystal clear that; we have only the fact that primates have ten fingers and ten toes in common with humans! Period!

I paid special attention to these people’s hands. They clearly did not look as those of ones’ who have walked upon them for more than a couple of days! In fact, as I watched them walking upon their hands, they did not do it in the same way as Primates do. Primates walk upon their knuckles and not upon their palms. Primates also do not walk with their butts in the air as those people do. Also, looking at the exterior of these people’s home, you could see satellite dishes in which to receive HD programming on the TV. Inside their home, they had a stove and pots and pans in which to cook with. If these people only walk upon their hands, what would be the need for such things? Also, what is their need to wear shoes upon their feet, but not their hands? Why did the women wear dresses? I clearly saw them having trouble with this. Why did they wear jewelry? My questions could go on forever!

What I gleaned from these people, is that they were paid generously to act like fouls (I meant to say fools) And, what does an “Economic Specialist” know about genetics anyway?! And not to mention all those stupid tests that did not prove a single thing! No matter how stupid one may be, our skulls are and will always be bigger than the Primate; for we were create with larger and more intelligent brains than them! I just thought I would write you, for you said on your site to send you comments.


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