February 21, 2009

From Dave Kisor:

Re: Climate-induced food crisis seen by 2100 (Jan. 10): I’d worry about the GMO food crisis happening now before I’d sweat 2100. Over 125,000 Indian farmers have killed themselves over GMO crop failures because nobody told them it would take twice as much water. A French study states the GMO eggplant, bt brinjal, is not fit for human consumption, that is what will be available all over India and the average consumer won’t be able to tell the difference between the non and GMO varieties. If the temperatures are increasing and non GMO plants would need more water, think of how much more the GMO varieties would need. If the big agribusiness is chiefly concerned with making their product resistant to their pesticide rather then making it more nutritious, we’re all in deep kimchee.


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