February 21, 2009

From Linda Roberts:

Re: A function for “gay genes” after all? (Feb. 8): I am very surprised to find this phenomon of “gay” folks protecting and raising the young, is not proved. I have studied same gender loving folks in Native American Cultures. There was a book put out decades ago by Walter somebody, called The Spirit and the Flesh. This documents “gay” folks who, yes, raised the children in the tribe. Some of the men had already married and had raised children and their later years’s relationships were same sex.

Many native societies are matrilinear. Dineh children look up to their mother’s brother and not their fathers. They are in their mother’s brother’s clan first. In the Pueblo society, the youngest sister owns the house. The brothers are subservient to her because she can kick them out. Uncles are important to the children, not fathers.

This backs up what I have always said about homophobia, it is related to hatred of the role of women. If you hate women, it is unspeakable to act like or want to be one. It is also related to class. If you want your children to inherit your property and you are a man, you must oppress women and their role or you can’t be sure that you are the father.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The conclusions drawn in your last paragraph are narrow, prejudicial and, at face value, false, based upon the reasons you give.

You assert that homophobia (and whether or not that is the same as not wanting to have sex with your own gender, or not, is another matter) is related to hatred of women, without any real proof of this (a few anecdotes about a few scattered tribes with rules disallowing inheritance for fathering males does not constitute proof).

Not wanting to look or act like a female of a given culture, is not hatred of women so much as rigid gender identification, and, in any event, this seems to be referent to effeminate men, which do experience discrimination and persecution, but which you do not speak of in any meaningful context (such as in a matrilinial society vs. a patrilinial one, or, African, American cultures, etc.).

You also do not offer proof or evidence concerning your class assertion.

March 24, 2009 5:52 PM  

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