April 29, 2009

From Joyce Peterson:

Re: New “longevity gene” spurs hopes of long life (May 2, 2007): In Canada, some provinces have a number of centenarians. Nova Scotia is one of these provinces. (Some of my relatives lived to be 100 or more, i.e.age 107. I am of Irish, Scottish and English heritage Some of those who were originally born and lived in Nova Scotia, moved to Alberta and Saskatchewan and Ontario for example.

Also in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia are a number of those from German decent.

Nova Scotia is not a large province and has a lot of history.

The Parrsborough Shore Historial Society, Box 98, Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, B0M 1S0 has a lot of heritage information, and might be able to help you, should you be interested in investigating this more.

Joyce Peterson
Scarborough, Ontario


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