April 29, 2009

From Linda Weir:

Re: Bird can “read” human gaze (April 2): I am an artist who habitually notices birdlife on rooftops as I draw from upper floor windows aand highspots around the harbour.

Jackdaws have started flourishing here in st. ives cornwall, they are adorable creatures, gentle and reserved, they hop daintily. when I feed the birds here in my high garden, the seagulls descend in a shocking crush, the jackdaws come down quite late in the spree, pay a lot of attention, pick up the bits, are unhurried, unagressive and together in pairs.

They like the guttering of rooftops and find little things, maybe seeds or hatching insects. They are like ‘the child who has his own’ blessed and unhurried by the ministrations of people. A city girl, I was shocked by their beautiful blue eyes and good looking appearance, neat feathers, and reserved and elegant behaviour.


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