June 27, 2009

From Barry Dennis:

Re: “Warrior gene” reported rife among young thugs (June 5): It wouldn’t surprise me to find the same gene in Policemen, Firemen, and professional solders (those who stay in beyond Guard or regular enlistment), lawyers, and others in high-risk or challenging occupations.
The same survival and pack behavior that society has tried to “devolve” is apparent is these groups as well.

This opens up a new discovery horizon; maybe an “organizational” gene in Accountants?

Profiling based on genetic sequences is in it’s infancy; there is much to come. Oh, and it may become possible to identify disparate sequences located in different places along the gene strand that are in fact inter-dependent, one supporting the other, even dependent on mutual reinforcement for “activation.”

Barry Dennis
Woodstock, Maryland


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