June 27, 2009

From Brian Lee:

Re: When evolution isn’t so slow and gradual (June 2): the examples cited are not evolution. They are merely natural selection by which existing genetic information is merely re-shuffled to reflect different external traits that were already present in the genetic pool.

True evolution (if it exists) would be the appearance of entirely new, unique genetic information that arose through natural processes. These guppies cited in the article neither prove nor disprove anything about the kind of evolution Darwin claims created entirely new forms or functions from new genetic information. In this example, we start with guppies, and we end with guppies. No new forms or functions were created, and the observed “changes” were merely the outward expression of previously existing genetic traits.

“Evolution” as understood by common usage (and Darwin himself) is the supposed development of new life forms or functions by the addition of new genetic material that was not previously in existence. In other words, a fish gradually acquiring new genetic information over a period of time and eventually emerging as an amphibian. I strongly believe that this has never happened, nor will ever happen, because of a severe lack of hard evidence.

I know you will disagree, as all your articles espouse an evolutionary viewpoint, but at least please be consistent when showing examples of “evolution” which are clearly in reality only natural selection. This is merely a bait-and-switch tactic used to give credence to the idea of Darwinian evolution by equating a natural process occurring in the present with something that supposedly happened millions of years ago (another fallacy) as “proof”.

Brian Lee


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