June 27, 2009

From Gilbert Schultz:

Re: A seat of wisdom in the brain? (April 24): Does a sperm have wisdom, knowing how to swim to meet the ovum? Does the ovum have wisdom, knowing how to attach itself to the uterus? Embryology reveals that there is a marvelous intelligence at play, far beyond the grinding mechanics of the intellect.

There is an intelligence that obviously suffuses all the activities of the universe.

In our struggle to understand, we miss the obvious fact that this intelligence even advises the conceptualizations about the brain, and a thought about it being somehow more important than anything else. Much how mankind believes it is more important than other creatures. Some of those creatures are obviously far more intelligent than us in many ways. Does not the body heal itself, in many cases, quite well if it is left to do its job? As soon as a finger is cut, the bodies intelligence IMMEDIATELY begins to repair the damage, on a microscopic level. ‘We’ can aid this healing in some way but it is not the ‘person’ that does the healing.

Tissues begin to organize themselves and pull the wound back together. Antibodies are animated. An amazing activity goes on below our normal observation. A doctor merely organizes conditions for the body to do its healing in a better way. We imagine the existence of an ‘entity in here’ somewhere who can do all kinds of things. That self-centered activity is often destructive. Look at the world situation and the fear and destruction of mankind.
Do you tell the lungs to breath? Do you tell the heart to beat? No. Start running and the breathing and the heat beat adjust themselves naturally. The natural functions go on without ‘your’ intervention. Postulations about the nature of consciousness are simply the intellect struggling to explain itself. If you simply take a moment to be conscious of consciousness, the intellect is quietened and in that clear space of knowing, everything is clear and obvious, without postulations and theories. Wisdom is pure understanding and true understanding is silent and wordless.

It is the activity of knowing, not the known or the knower, which are simply concepts that merely appear and disappear.

The only thing you are absolutely certain of is the fact of your own being - this immediate presence of being aware.
THAT is not a thought. The axis of being is a concept of being an ‘I’. Cognitive researchers have spent over 30 years attempting to find this ‘I’ or what it is. It is an appearance.
There are no distinct ‘entities’ anywhere. The universe stands before your eyes. as long as you take yourself to be separate from its wholeness, then the mind will simply turn upon a habit of belief.

It may seem confronting to look at these ‘things’ but isn’t it better align oneself with what is obviously true, than to go off on a tangent with theories and postulations?
These thoughts appear naturally, and I don’t claim them as ‘mine’. They have a natural intelligence - it is not common sense.common sense has been infiltrated by a thousand erroneous beliefs.


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