August 15, 2009

From Steven Carlo:

Re: Reflection is key to jewel beetle colors, scientists say (July 24): I have a huge interest in the area of biomimetic coloration and have a joint grant with Drexel University investigating such structures. However, despite being included in Nature, this work is not new or ground breaking. Vakusic (Univ of Exeter), Schauer (Drexel University), Zi (Fudan University), Parker (Oxford) and of course the researcher whose work was published, Srinivasarao (NC State) have all published great works in this area. I do not wish to discredit this work. The data on this particular beetle is new, but it is nothing which hasn’t been known for a number of years, in fact Srinivasarao wrote a great article in 1999 on biomimetic coloration!


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