September 05, 2009

From Joseph Agassi:

Re: “Dream therapy” set for a comeback? (July 28): The idea that the world of psychotic patients is more dreamlike than of sane people is rather obvious. The wish to use this to help these unfortunate people is as laudatory as any wish to help sufferers. Yet to be able to help one needs to have an idea about the disease. Apart from familiar syndromes, there are two diagnostic theories, Kraeplin’s and Freud’s, about paranoia which is common in psychosis, both known to be erroneous. All this, and a new theory of paranoia as the root of all psychosis is found in Yehuda Fried and Joseph Agassi, Paranoia: A Study in Diagnosis, Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science, vol. 50, 1976, that is assiduously ignored even though Prof. Fried was a renown psychiatrist.

Joseph Agassi
Herzliya 46745 ISRAEL


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