September 05, 2009

From Laurie Prior:

Re: “Dance restaurant” theory of water takes shape (Aug. 14): The current article “Dance Restaurant Theory of Water takes shape” caught my eye particularly the ending where it says, “If we don’t understand this basic life material, how can we study the more complex life materials like proteins that are immersed in water?” asked post­doctoral researcher Congcong Huang” I wonder what Nature magazine would make of that in the light of the way they “rubbished” the work of a Scientist in recent years who tried to prove that Water could be shown to have a “memory”? Didn’t they render his work invalid because they thought he must be committing fraud and cooking the figures? I think this was one of those things where someone trying to prove that Homeopathy was not hocus pocus, was regarded the way they all are, “insane”. If the physics and physical properties of water have still not been fully worked out, then how can any body of so called Scientifically minded people have the right to say that water hasn’t got a memory?

Surely in this kind of area someone should be innocent until proven guilty?

Laurie Prior (UK)


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