October 04, 2009

From Charles Douglas Wehner:

Re: Scientists: artificial steps against global warming may be dan (Sept. 2): The jury is still out on the question of global warming.

After the Norman Conquest (1066, as everybody knows), the Normans grew grapes in Britain. Then, in 1213, the climate suddenly grew cold. The grape-vines rotted.

Only in about 1950 did the English start to grow grapes again, and in very small quantities.

What was going on?

My own theory is that there was a patch of dust in space. Either (1) the dust crossed the Solar System or (2) the Solar System crossed the dust. Either way of looking at it, it takes only a percent or less of reduction in the light-level to influence the weather profoundly.

The Vikings died out due to the cold. Alexander Nevski in Russia had to drive back Germans and Swedes who invaded Russia. Local “kings” set themselves up in Norman Britain in competition with the Normans. The Mongols came down from the hills and invaded China, Russia, Poland, the Middle-East (including Iraq) and Japan (where they were driven back).

These wars were the result of the need for land. When the land is not fruitful, one needs larger amounts of land.

It has never been as warm in Britain as it was prior to 1213. So the time to panic has not yet come.

Artificial steps, such as putting reflective material in the atmosphere to reflect the light, might produce the very disaster one is trying to avoid.

Furthermore, my late friend, the geologist and crystallographer Alan Coutanceau-Clark pointed out that if the poles melt, the rock beneath them will not be under so much pressure. So the polar rocks will rise and sea-levels will not alter. It is simple Archimedes.

There is a lot of incomplete science about, used to whip up hysteria. The wisest people are first gathering their facts before they decide.

Charles Douglas Wehner


Blogger Mediaman said...

To me, the current legislative approaches, Cap and Trade, Carbon Taxes,and other plans gloss over the following statement.
The should be no Pollution generated by man in it's pursuit of commercial, institutional, governmental or personal living. None means none. No license for manufacturing, commerce, building, whatever should be issued without a Zero Pollution Output Requirement.
Our modern society is the victim of generations of air, water and chemical pollution. It's no accident that the most developed countries, with the highest standardas of living, eat the most foods with additives and processed, and produce the most cancers.
We will discover, sooner or later, that the pollutants and chemicals in our Air, Food, and Water and the amount of Broadcast Radiation; radio, T.V., Microwave, X-Ray and all the others,correlate precisely with the growth of cancer and disease.
Those folks with the tin foil wrapped around their heads and in their houses are right for the wrong reasons. It's not Aliens, we're doing it to ouselves.

December 16, 2009 3:38 PM  

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