October 04, 2009

From Charles F. Barth:

Re: Negative public opinion seen as warning signal for terrorism (Sept. 17): I disagree in part from the analysis presented. Nations harboring terrorists do seem to focus on other nations that have liberties counter to Sharia Law. However, the comment about Obama’s presidency is fallacious. Terrorist organizations regard this as weaknesses, encouraging attacks. These attacks may take the form of violence but may also be more covert, where the radical Islamists work relentlessly from within to take control over the target nation. This is already happening in many European nations and the citizens and their governments fail to recognize this new form of terrorism and may not until it is too late. Appeasement did not work against the Nazi regime and it will fail again.

Dr. Charles F. Barth


Blogger Mediaman said...

Terrorism by assimulaton? I like it. As likely as the long term "takeover by assumption" that is occurring in so many countries, is the reality of Homeland Security's Medium Confidence in the existance of at least 30 cells operating/forming in the U.S., with High Confidence in the existance of at least 10 fully-formed cells, undergoing Planning and Training, with Materials Acquisition, Target Site Review and related operations. An additional worry is the growth in the recruitment process targeting immigrants and home-grown Americans of second generations status, U.S. Citizens, Visa-bsased Education and Work Permits.
A pretty fertile recruiting environment.

December 16, 2009 3:23 PM  

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