October 04, 2009

From D. Christian Bliss:

Re: Lower IQ’s measured in spanked children (Sept. 24): I think the article is of little scientific significants. Many of the very high IQ scientists of our modern era were spanked as children. My children who were spanked as children have above average test scores, far above the scores of the undisciplined hoards found through western society. My father-in-law was spanked as a child and his IQ is in the 150-160 range, I was spanked many times for willfullness and my IQ score is in the 130 range. It think that based on the culture over the last 3-4 centuries that the majority of the founders of modern scientific fields were spanked as well. Spanking used wisely and correctly leads to self control, because consequences are distasteful. Just as a child who touches a hot stove learns not to touch it. In the 1800’s when children were usually spanked, their educational equivalent at 8th grade is beyond most college students of today. Some of which was related to the educational system, but the children were ready to learn because they had discipline unlike many school children of modern America.


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