October 04, 2009

From Dawn Wells:

Re: Lower IQ’s measured in spanked children (Sept. 24): Your article on the corelationship/effects of corporal punishment on children and lower IQ did or did not mention that punishment is NOT the same as discipline and that punishment leads to a mindset of fear, hatred of others/self that perpetuates “self-fullfilling prophesy” OF failure and hopelessness! “Sow fear in children and you will teach hatred!” “Sow encouragement in children and you will teach/reap success and respect for oneself!” while, I believe, depending on the mindset of the child, that corporal punishment could be administered on rare occasions, it should never be the main avenue of correction! Take a good look at the prisoner population and those who have long term psychiatric conditions! Many of these populations have had abusive home environments whereby corporal punishment was the norm and encouragement was never given! Fear breeds hatred and contempt for others! That is what I see are the fruits of continual corporal punishment, rather than teaching “lessons” through more “constructive methods of discipline” such as “time outs” or working to repay for items lost, stolen, or damaged!


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