October 04, 2009

From Fauzan Feisal:

Re: Cities work much like brains, study finds (Sept. 5): In my opinion, city network is much more like transportation system (blood vessel) they develop as the body develop more complex n larger the cars is resembling the blood cells people, goods and many things inside the cars is the food molecule or any body builder molecule money and business that move along are resembling oxygen charities and consumptions that move along are resembling carbondioxide, bad if retained, and help environment to produce oxygen if expelled waste, garbage and dead bodies that move along are resembling the waste which will be discarded through excretion and egestion system

how about brain? hmm... maybe it’s the communication system try to check the evolution of communication structure (server growth)... brain are the centers of informations in cities telephone, emails, radio & television networks are the nerve system

we as the people are the cells...


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