December 16, 2009

From BDe nni s41 0@aol .com:

Re: New space map reveals “mystery ribbon” (Oct. 15): Is the “galactic wind” flowing at us from just one direction the “center” of our galaxy or our universe, or is it multiple “winds” originating from many sources but “stronger” from one direction?

If our Ribbon is preventing harmful cosmic rays from reaching into our solar system, then our heliosphere must be “stronger” than the galactic wind at the meeting point. Is our heliosphere in turn “stronger” in one direction, or in multiple areas?

Is the Ribbon uniform in distance from the Sun in all directions, a “Zero Sum” point at which the Ribbon most effectively neutralizes the galactic wind, or unevenly dispersed because of interference from planets, or other forces?

Confirming the Ribbon’s existence leads to the conclusion that there must be multiple Ribbons. One surrounding each galaxy, perhaps, probably not uniform in dispersion, but logical in existence; if Sol’s Ribbon exists, then so must others around galaxies.

If other “universes exist, then ours must have a Ribbon as well.


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