December 16, 2009

From Brian Tychonski:

Re: Scientists: artificial steps against global warming may be dan (Sept. 2): How about an article about how the CRU and Michael Mann, Phil Jones and others have cooked the books about AGW? How they fudged the numbers to keep the Medieval Warming Period and the subsequent Mini Ice Age out of the data set? How their own computer programmers commented in the code about how the numbers weren’t working unless they were heavily manipulated? How about an article on the Duke University Tree Ring study that goes back over a thousand years and shows that AGW is simply a lie? And barring that how about at least a link to the Minnesotans for Global Warming “Hide the Decline” video on Youtube? Continuing to perpetuate the now debunked myth of man made global warming doesn’t make World Science appear very scientific. When I took science classes, all raw data and methodology had to be recorded, and made available for others to replicate. If it wasn’t replicable, the theory was disproven. That is the scientific method.

(Editors' note: We have posted links to more than one article about the developments referred to in Mr. Tychonski's letter.)


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