December 16, 2009

From El Sharayri Ali:

Re: Light from a cosmic “dark age” (Oct. 28): I read your article about this interesting subject, and wanted to pause a comment on it.

But before that, I want to thank you for sharing this article with your members and for all the efforts you do to inform us about special and interesting subjects like these.

After I read this article, it came in my mind that if we got this light on earth only last April and that this light was produced closely after the big bang at that time … then if this light take all this period to arrive us then the universe have stopped expanding or the speed that our universe is expanding is slower than light speed or the universe is not expanding anymore and is may be regress and begin a contrast cycle or will begin a regressive cycle in the near future …

The question is ; what I’m saying have any sense ? and if yes, what would be the consequences of this on our little earth ?


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