December 16, 2009

From Mike Tryp:

Re: Other universes may be detectable, published study claims (Oct. 11, 2007): much debate is held over the thought of multiple universes but most is based upon human perception. physicists all forget that reality is wave signals interpreted by our body for our consciousness. but why? look at nature, look at everything you can possibly find and no matter how different each of these things, no matter how fundamentally opposite are created of the same substance... so are you! we are all a form of matter (or getting more advanced, matter is energy slowed to a much slower vibration & wavelength) which is the same throughout the universe matter can be altered into different matter by chemical or otherwise methods so don’t fall into the illusion everything you perceive is truly as it seems. anyway, why does a particle exhibit both matter and wave (energy) like tendencies? its proven this phenomena always occurs but scientists slapped a name on the theory and moved on... why? because no one was comfortable with the fact that the only time it would act like matter was when human/conscious interaction taking place... observation. this means everything lies in an indefinite state of probability until you define it as something (this means for the universe to work it must have consciousness to drive it). Now ive been researching this in my OFF time and with no proper schooling i find myself stumping even experienced physicists. my theory is that the universe... it is infinite but not on a physical scale... physically, reality is straight up ridiculous and holographic in nature [everything from our dna info to nebula formations are holographic and fractal in nature] Hell, go outside and look at the autumn patterns in the trees and bushes... notice how all of these “physical things” are based on fractal math sets... the same with hurricanes, seashells, bodyparts... It’s all based on very very very simple equations that create infinite possibility. this is the greatest trick of the universe, it seems so infinitely complex but it is because we are a part of it but what is outside? surely if you keep zooming out further and further you’d hit... what? empty space? no stars? the universe... is infinite in nature. if you kept zooming out passed conceivable distances you would find strings and atoms and eventually you would come upon the exact same reality you left from. its hard to fully appreciate the beauty of simplicity making complexity.

honestly there is no human way of knowing the solution except to accept the infinite (as a concept of everything) or to think about everything in new ways... reality could be the calculation of a computing program, the most intensive fractal ever devised... we could be in “the matrix” of the singularity (where technology creates itself better than we can). Look at reality and notice time/space and energy/matter are relative to concept... and nothing will be the same for you.


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