December 16, 2009

From Paul Cheung:

Re: Study suggests how DNA building block might have formed (Nov. 2, 2007): I just read your article on “Study suggests how DNA building block might have formed”. It is very interesting. I am curious about the how the first DNA is being formed. I understand that DNA is like a set of codes that contains instructions for building different types of proteins. Even we can successfully create the building blocks adenine (like the alphabets I suppose) of the code, how can these building block come together to make DNA a set of meaningful codes? It seems we are still very far from understanding how the first DNA is formed. From the number of codes inside even the most primitive cell, is it really possible that somehow these building blocks just align together correctly (like different letters align together to form an menu I suppose)? What is the odd for this to happen? Are there any theory on this topic?


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