December 16, 2009

From Sara Shiraz:

Re: When déjà vu becomes unbearable (Jan. 30, 2006): I found your article after experiencing non stop moments of deja vu for about 3 days. I went abroad with my family, to see my cousins and my new born nephew, and I had a serious feeling I’d been there before, even though I’ve never been to that country before. Im 14 years of age, and Im really freaked out at the fact that from Monday early morning, until now, Thursday night, I have been ‘living every minute with deja vu’. As it was unbearable, I decided to google it, just to know Im not alone, and I found your article somewhat comforting. I would appreciate it if you could advice me on how to get over this weird feeling. Im afraid to tell my parents, because I think they may think Im out of my mind. After an event of deja vu, I try to remember what happens next. However, I cant remember what happens next until after it happens. Right now, I got a feeling that Ive typed this before.


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